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Jakarta Base
Jakarta Base

The newly built office of Bukitapit Jakarta base located at the Industrial area of outskirt Jakarta consist of modern state of the art laboratory that serves both the cementing and stimulation operations, equipment preparation area for onshore operations, the main office for Bukitapit engineering and operations management team and logistics facilities acting as the HUB for Bukitapit regional


West Java Base
West Java Base

Our West Java Base is located in Cirebon. Easily accesible within 3 hours from Bukitapit main facility in Jakarta. A 4 hectares land Cirebon yard is a modern base with state of the art Equipments and housing facilities. The yard contains, workshops, warehouses, modern wash bays, laboratories, training center, accommodation quarters, area for equipments and Services units and trucks.

Management offices share the yard with operations facilities enhancing

cooperation and elevating the level of communications between all

business units.

South Sumatera Base

Our South Sumatera Base is located in Prabumulih, the major oil and gas field for many national and multinational companies ,In Indonesian Oil and Gas History, Prabumulih has one of the longest, most talked about and one of the major producer of Oil and Gas, Prabumulih Base in covers an area about 30,000 square meters and consist of a large operating yard , workshops for maintenance, repair facilities, welding designated area, high pressure testing area, dedicated storage areas for chemicals and acid, stores for spare parts / materials, equipment, a wash bay, emergency power unit, coiled tubing reels storage facility, paint shop, load testing platform ,warehouses and other miscellaneous facilities to accommodate Bukitapit large fleet of cementing, stimulation & coiled tubing equipments. State of the art laboratory also present at this base

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